Sunday, September 2, 2012

Around The Yard This Fall

I love fall.  It's such a refreshing time of the year.  The heat of summer fades away, the earth literally changes structure right before your eyes.  Shades of warmth renew the senses and the world turns calm and inviting.  I celebrate the days when I get to see holiday decorations fill the streets from October through to the new year.  I look forward to to the time I will spend with my family enjoy the best meals and most festive celebrations.  I know it's a time to renew my energy and my gardening.  I've touched on what will work best in a fall vegetable garden.  What works best to beautify the rest of the homestead as the temperatures turn cooler?  In my neighborhood the HOA holds a monthly landscaping contest.  It's meant to promote eye pleasing surroundings.  Which plants are best for sustaining and promoting a pleasing and colorful landscape as the days turn  shorter?