Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Did You Preserve Your Valentine Roses? I Did!

Valentines then
Valentines now
A few weeks ago I wrote about the process for turning your Valentine Bouquet into a forever keepsake.  Today I want to follow up on the process.  On the left are the flowers that my husband gave to me on valentine's day.  So pretty and sweet I couldn't throw them out.  On the right are is my valentine bouquet today.  This past weekend  I tied the flowers upside down and attached them to a post on my patio.  The roses are faded, but the garnish to the arrangement remains pretty much in tact.  I have sprayed my cluster with a very cheap hairspray purchased from the dollar store.  I will continue to respray making sure the pedals have dried between application. 

Is It Time To Start Spring Gardening Yet?

The answer to that question is obviousy it depends where you are living.  Different areas, referred to as zones, are prone to different tpes of vegitation.  Hobby gardners and serious farms alike have turned to the Farmers Almanac for decades on guidance to the best planting days.  You can locate your zone, long range weather forecasts and the best planting days at http://www.farmersalmanac.com.  After consulting the almanac I went to my garden to do some preperation for the spring.  I came across three plants that had obviously germinated from last seasons planting.  I wasn't surprised since the winter has been  mild.