Saturday, June 9, 2012

That's a Lot of Love


  • This sweet girl passed away this week. Her name was Lupe and the man who gave her to us knew she had parvo and lied when he said she was okay. Rest in Peace baby girl.

     I want to start this with a direct quote from my daughters Facebook page above.  Somewhere along the years we unwittingly became animal rescuers.  I don't remember quite where it began all I know is it continued to build to something stronger than we could have imagined.  I start with Lupe because she happens to be the closest in mind at the moment. She came to us at seven weeks old.  We have a wide reputation for taking in unwanted animals so it was no surprise when a friend of my husbands "dropped" her off in the back of my his truck at work one day.  While we were waiting to receive her vaccination records from the previous owner she passed of Parvo a few weeks later.  We cried as we always do. There were so many who came before her in order of appearance.

How To Survive Without a Stove

The house my husband and I purchased came with a Smooth Surface Stove Top.  If you've seen these they are fashionable and useful.  They are also very touchy.  The surface can be difficult to clean although I used a light brushing of baking soda to remove the blemishes.  The elements in the unit are typically Halogen lamps.  When they go the unit is no longer usable and they may be costly to replace. That is precisely what happened.  While we are deciding weather it is worth the cost to repair or replace the unit we have had to find alternatives to preparing meals.  It has turned out to be an economical advantage.

A True Story

Water bugs are just uninvited guests 
It seems all of the wet weather in my region has manifested the insects as well as the weeds. I don't know what you call these things but I call them cock roaches on steroids.  They are large and hide out anywhere they won't be found.  These intruders can range up to 4" long.

American, or Oriental Cock Roaches, are also referred to as "water bugs". They acquired the nick name because of they tend to invade themselves into your surrounding through drains and small openings in dark cracks.  Like all roaches they multiply quickly and pop out whenever you don't expect them.  Having small animals indoors I wanted to find a resolution that was suitable to my environment.  One that didn't require the use of harmful chemicals and would be economically reasonable.