Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Don't Throw Those Valentines Flowers Away

If you are one of the lucky ones to receive Roses for Valentines Day I'm sure you will want to hold on to them as long as possible.  Taking the proper steps will preserve your flowers the maximum amount of time.  It is possible to hold on to the blossoms for 10 or more days.

First start with a vase that has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, not just rinsed.  Removing all bacteria from your container will help insure that your flowers are not being contaminated.  Stems should be cut at an angle making it easier for water to travel up the stalk to the bloom.  Remove any leaves that will sit below the water.  They will deteriorate quickly causing
destruction to your bouquet quicker.  Before placing foliage in the vase add the packet of preserve supplied.  If no preserve was supplied with the roses dissolve one aspirin (Bayer, Buffrin, etc) in warm water for a large vase.  Use 1/2 of an aspirin for a smaller vase.  Add a teaspoon of bleach to ward off the growth of future containment's.

Maintain your bouquet on a daily basis.  The tip of the pedicel will turn brown deterring water flow.  Snip the brown growth, purify the vase and add fresh water.  Fresh water and clean stems will cinch proper nourishment for your flowers.

Once it is obvious your valentine treasure has reached its full potential there is no need to discard them.  Instead make a forever bouquet by drying the flowers.  Tie the stems of the arrangement together tightly, but not too tight.  You don't want the buds to drop off.  Tie a loop on the other end of your string and attach to a hook some place dry and warm.  Check the flowers daily for progress.  When the flowers turn dry spray the petals with a cheap hairspray leaving the flowers upside down.  Reapply hairspray daily making sure the coating has dried completely between applications.  Continue staining with hairspray until a complete bond has formed and the flowers won't fall apart. 

There are several ways to display the roses once they are preserved.  I put mine in a vase filled with colored red sand.  I display these arrangements on a shelf in my living room and they remind me how thoughtful my husband is.  Fill a clear candy dish with flower foam purchased at any hobby store.  Cut the stems and arrange in the foam. This arrangement fits well in a glass case.  Search you cupboards for any container that will fit you imagination.

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