Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Is It Time To Start Spring Gardening Yet?

The answer to that question is obviousy it depends where you are living.  Different areas, referred to as zones, are prone to different tpes of vegitation.  Hobby gardners and serious farms alike have turned to the Farmers Almanac for decades on guidance to the best planting days.  You can locate your zone, long range weather forecasts and the best planting days at http://www.farmersalmanac.com.  After consulting the almanac I went to my garden to do some preperation for the spring.  I came across three plants that had obviously germinated from last seasons planting.  I wasn't surprised since the winter has been  mild.

I hope by now you have treated your garden plot for planting.  Adding compost before harvesting helps to maintain the health of your soil and return the proper nutrients taken by growing vegitation.  If you have not prepaped you land yet don't worry.  There is still time.  Using a garden hoe blend a mixture of compost into the soil to assure maximum production and taste.  Add plenty of compost to both your vegetable and flower beds.  Composting is not only beneficial to the environment, but necessary for healthful gardening.

The best rule of thumb is to be sure any danger of frost has passed.  Those plants that I have started indoors will be transplanted ourdoors in the next two weeks.  The lack of freezing temperatures in my zone will mean an earlier start.  If you plant your garden and the weather gets cooler than you are comfortable with be sure to cover the ground.  Place a layer of compost on top of the ground over the entire area.  I like to add a layer of heavy black trash bags on top of the compost.  Keeping the ground temperature at a safe level is the key to the seedlings survival.  As a rule of thumb ground temperature sould remain above 45 degree.

I caution myself not to hit the gardening beds too early , but get over zelous every year.  Now is a good time to plant seedlings for above ground vegetables such as beans and squash.  If maintained properly they will produce nicely before the weather becomes too hot to sustain their needs.  Your flower garden should be ready to handle early blooming perenials such as primrose.  My lillies started peeking above ground around mid February.

If you live in the south another website I like to visit for great gardening tips is http://southernliving.com/.  Everything from heavy landscaping to simple vegetable gardening is featured. Step by step guideline for when, where, how and what to plant are outlined every month. 

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