Thursday, February 23, 2012

Join A Manufacturers Website And Increase Your Savings

A lot of manufactures have website that offer savings in addition to distributed coupons.  Signing up for e-mail alerts will help you stay informed of any new opportunities as soon as they are available.  If you don't already have one obtain a free e-mail account strictly for this purpose to keep you primary e-mail from being flooded.  Free accounts are available at, and as well as others.  This will save time sifting through the many offers .

Proctor and Gamble hosts a site at
Once registered with the website you are eligible for coupons and free samples.  Samples range from shampoo, toothpaste and even household medical supplies.  Every month the featured products change.  You will receive a reminder e-mail each month so you will know when to request a new package.  Only one package per month per household is available.

Kraft has some outsanding offers you can find at    High value couponsae available as well as recipes and free products.  Kraft foods will frequently promote a new brand by offering the merchandise free to try.  This is not a sample of the item, it is a coupon for a full size free package.  I was thrilled when I received a coupon for a bag of the new Homestyle Mac and Cheese.  In return you are ask to leave a review of the product on the Kraft website.  An e-mail will let you know when a new product is being offered, but you have to act quick.  There is a limited supply of freebies available. 

Vocal Point at is a site well worth joining.  It is full of reviews, free products and mom's just like you and me who are looking for ways to save money.  Vocal Point is not associated with any one particular brand which means they have a greater variety of products.  I''ve received everything from pudding to hair coloring.  When you sign up you are added to an e-mail list which keeps you informed of new coupons for free products (not samples) and other money savings activities sponsored.  Again, the supplies are limitied so respond as soon as possible.  You will be ask to leave a review of the product on the website.

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