Saturday, February 11, 2012

More Way to Save and Earn money

Today will be short and sweet (very sweet). I had an amazing experiece yesterday and wanted to share. Frequently I will participate in surveys to earn a little extra spending money. One of my favorite places to work from is I'm not saying it is a lucrative career, but it can been fun. A 20 minute survey will generally net $1.25 to $1.50. Some surveys can run up to $5 or even $10 dollars. Rewards are either in cash (through paypal) or one of the many gift card options.

About once a week you get lucky with a double prize. Some serveys offer rewards of products that are being test marketed, in addition to a cash payment. I've received lotion, toothpaste and even shampoo in the mail. All the manufacturer will ask in reutun is an honest opinion. Recently I was surprised when I finished a survey conducted by Johnsonville (as in sausage). After completeing the survey I was given the opportunity to receive two full size pacakages of a new product Johnsonville is marketing. I would be given an additional cash reward for my opinion of the commodity. Yes, I did receive the sausage. My husband (if you know him you'll get it) was more enthused by the foam cooler and package of dried ice the sausage was shipped in. I'm pretty sure he'd like to go fishing soon :).

PS: Did I ever mention I just love getting free stuff!

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