Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Welcome everyone! I am sure you are all thinking there are a ton of these sites out there in cyberspace. What would make this any different? If you are like me and enjoy creating dishes without a recipe than I think we can make this a good place to share. When dinner calls it can be a challange if you don't have all of the ingredients required to fix the dish you want. Who likes to stop at the store on the way home from work just to grab a can of cream of mushroom soup.

I find that most often using the imagination is the best recipe of all. The only requirement is knowing what tastes appeal to you, and what tastes fit best together. For instance you certainly would not want to add ketchup to chocolate cake, but you could add worcestershire sauce to chicken broth. I'm not saying every dish I create is an original idea, but it might be something new to you. I'd love for you to share something new too.

My husband finds me somewhat of a fanatic. I devote a great deal of time not only on food, but also food related activities. I garden and can grow nearly anything I get my hands on. I can most of what I grow. If there is plenty of broth left over when I make my husbands favorite pulled pork in the crock pot I can the broth to use later. I spend hours clipping and sorting coupons. Above I have linked a few of my favorite internet coupon web sites. Below I have linked a few of the articles I have written for Yahoo. Check them out for me if you would.

I find gardening rewarding. I grew up in a home where our vegetables were grown fresh every year. In the fall and winter there was always plenty of canned and dried produce to use in home made dishes. I believe today we could use a lot more of our own resources to reduce financial strain and avoid health concerns associated with todays mass producers. It is easy to use this years harvest to create next years crop. One dried green pepper is abundant with seeds to plant for years to come.

Ideas and recipes to share do not need to be original. Just remember that you MUST always acredit any ones creativness that you borrow. I want to start things off by adding something that I threw together out of necessity. I didn't have the traditional items for Tuna Casserole so I improvised. Please scroll to the bottom of the page to view the recipe.


  1. so when do you start any type of planting and what do you plant first and how early. still seems kinda cold out. let me know.terry

    1. Hi Terry. How are you? It is a little cold outside unless you plant vegetables that can handle it. I have onions and garlic growing on the patio and they are doing well. They should have been planted earlier but it has been a mild winter. I purchased 2 30 gallon storage bins for $4 and planted tomatoes and peppers in them. As long as they have plenty of sunshine it works well. The plants will either be transplanted in mid to late March, or I will leave them inside. How about you? Will you plant a garden this year?