Monday, April 2, 2012

Natural Remedies for Common Seasonal Allergies

I am a big fan of spring.  Not only does it give me the opportunity to plant and nourish my garden, but it is just simply a beautiful time of year.  It is a sign of new beginnings with trees and flowers comming out from their winter hybernation.  It is also the time of year when I can't stop itching my eyes and Kleenex is my constant companion.  I am not a medical expert and do not pretend to give medicinal advice.  I only know what works for me when I feel the signs of spring affecting my sinisus.

It's not hard to tell when the day is going to be full of scratchy throats and sneezing.  You wake up barely able to breath.  These are the mornings I fix a hot cup of tea made with apple cider vinegar and honey.  Mix one tablespoon of each ingredient into a cup of hot water for a warm start to the morning.  Honey will help build a resistance to certain pollins and apple cider vinegar is a natural histamine blocker.  If apple cider vinegar does not appeal to your tastes try some green tea with honey instead.  Green tea has been used in medical remedies for many years.  Recent studies indicate it also contains a strong compound for inhibiting histamine.

Anytime someone complained of a sore throat mom always pulled out the salt.  I hated gargling with warm salt water back than, but I still do it to this day.  It only takes 1/4 teaspoon salt to one cup of warm (not hot) water to do the trick.  Salt water helps to restore natural PH balance and reduce swelling.  You must always be sure to spit out the liquid and never swallow it.  Salt water is not a cure, but a simpton reliver.  Another reliever of sore throats would be peppermint.  The natural menthol in peppermint numbs the symptoms of a sore throat.  Make a cup of green tea with a splash of peppermint and drop of honey and you'll be good to go.

Adding 10 drops of peppermint oil to a 3oz bottle of saline solution makes a great nazel spray.  Not only does peppermint have anti-inflamatory properties, is also helps to soth swollen membranes.  Spearmint and eucloyptis are just as effecive as pepperming for reducing sinus irritation.  A humidifier with peppermint water will help you sleep more relaxed.  A small pinch of salt and baking soda added to boiled water will also work as a natural nasal spray.  The same properties that salt uses to relieve a sore throat are also beneficial to swollen sinisus.

To sooth red, swoolen, and itchy eyes try some simple green tea.  Boil 1 cup of water and steralize your eye dropper by placing in boiling water for 1 minute.  Add one green tea bag and 1/2 teaspoon of salt to the water after you removed the dropper.  Once the mixture has completely cooled place one small drop in each eye.  You can replace the tea bag with 1/8 teaspoon of baking soda if you prefer.  My favorite home remedy for irritated eyse is simply placing a green tea, or a chammoile tea bag over my eyes and relaxing.  I like to freeze the bags after they've been boiled making them even more beneficial.  Your eyes will appreciate the anit-inflamatory properties both of these teas contain.

If your symptoms are not affected by simple home remedies please be sure to consult a physician for the most effective relief.

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