Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pictures from The Back Yard

Yucca Plant
Yucca Plant
What is it about gardening that lifts the spirit?  Is it the beginning of a new season?  The ability to spend so much time one-on-one with nature?  All of the above? The  Yucca plant on the left was rescued from a pasture in Oklahoma after a family reunion.  The one on the right I rescued from an Apartment Complex that was demolished.
Beans, Peas and Potatos


My tomatoes, beans, peas and potatoes are really taking off.   These potatoes are the same ones I planted right out of my own kitchen cupboard. I can't wait to dig into the fresh juicy crops.



My roses really got a kick out of the rain we received.  They are blooming nicely with a lot of color.  They smell so sweet that I enjoy bringing them in to lighten up the house.  These flower look better than they have in years.


Who would have thought that I could have peas almost ready to harvest in the middle of April?  If I had some of my new potatoes ready to dig I'd cook up a batch of creamed peas and new potatoes.  Talk about yummy! But, as you can see it will be a while before I can make up one of my mom's favorite dishes when we were growing up. 
These are my mums.  If you look closely you can see the tiny flowers peaking out and starting to bloom.  I love mums because they have so many colors and such a reconstructive life.  They bloom spring and fall making them a great addition to any decor.

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