Monday, August 4, 2014


Unemployment in today's world is scary. Jobs are getting harder to come by. Remaining proactive can be difficult when merely getting in the door is a challenge. More often than you'd think it truly is a case of who you know. Being unemployed is not who you are. It is merely a temporary deterrent. So let everyone know you are job hunting. Word of mouth can be the open door you need. You may come across that one person who has the job you are waiting for.

At one time jobs openings were advertised in the newspaper, or a simple sign was placed on the front door of a business. Applications were filled out in person and you got to meet face to face with a person who may be doing the hiring. Today jobs are posted on the internet, and jobs are applied for on the internet. Information is rarely given in job descriptions that would give you an opportunity to speak to anyone about the position you are going to apply for. You will find yourself blindly applying to jobs just hoping someone will call. Occasionally you may see a phone number, an address, or even a company name in the job listing. Use these tools, along with the internet to get an advantage. Do web searches using the company name and you will probably find a phone number. You can do a web search using the phone number which will more than likely lead you to the company name. You can Google the address and make an in person visit. Use any available information you have to get as much insight as possible about the job you are applying for.

Even though the internet can be frustrating, the internet can also be your most productive tool when searching for a job. There are many web sights available with job openings posted. One of the most useful is costs very little for the employer to post on and new jobs are posted throughout the day. It costs nothing for the job seeker to apply to open positions. As with other posting sites on you must be cautious. Read the scam warnings, and never apply to anyone who is asking for personal information over the internet such as social security number or birth date. is a tremendous wealth of information. not only has job listings, it also provides useful information for staying motivated. Listings on are updated several times throughout the day. The site is free to job seekers, however for a price you can upgrade your service and expand your resume distribution. You will find yourself frequently being redirected to a company website when applying for a position. The company website will require you to register and complete the application process along with sending a resume. This is very beneficial considering you are now able to follow up with the company you applied to. was one of the first career websites created, and continues to be one of the most visited. It ranks as the largest job search engine on the internet today. It costs the job seeker nothing to post a resume on, and listings are updated throughout the day. and are very similar in offerings. Click on "view simular jobs" to get a broader search of job listings.

Job openings once advertised in the local newspaper are now posted on the internet. partnered with many metropolitan newspapers to list job openings on Yahoo. These jobs are only updated once a day, and mirror what is listed in the local newspaper. Jobs listed on are generally more informational than those listed on You will be more likely to find the necessary follow-up information needed to inquire about your resume after you send it.

Apply with placement agencies. Don't be hesitant to apply with as many as possible. Placement agencies may require testing before presenting your application to employers. Once you have made an appointment with a placement agency plan on spending some time at there offices. When you have registered with the employment agency keep in contact. Be sure to get a business card with a phone number, and hopefully an e-mail address. Call often to keep them updated on your status and let them know you are still available. Check the agency's website frequently and follow up on any jobs you know you are qualified for.

Many placement agencies also offer temporary services. Ask if you can apply to be a temporary until something permanent is available. Check for other temporary agencies in your area. Many temporary positions become permanent if the employer is confident with your abilities. It's a great way to get in the door and show your skills.

Staying proactive and motivated is not always easy. If the resources available are used there are many opportunities open. Maintain your social networking. The support will help keep your stress level managable. Searching for a job can often be as much work as a job itself. Stay positive and that next job will be around the corner. Who knows, it may even be better than the last one

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