Friday, August 1, 2014


It seems that I have been on one diet or another most of my life. I've tried many different techniques from the unconventional to the tried and true. My experience maintains that structure and support are two important keys to losing weight. Searching for a quick fix is not an optimal goal. Sure, if you need to drop a few pounds to make that special event a quick fix is convenient. If you are looking to drop a substantial amount of weight and develop a healthy lifestyle change patience and determination go a long way.

Not only are diet supplements unreliable they can be a health risk. Several contain large amounts of caffeine which will cause an increase in metabolism. An increase in metabolism can produce results of increased activity and lower appetite. The risks involved with this appetite suppressant are increased strain on the heart which could lead to possible health problems.

Newer diet supplements have been introduced to block sensors to the brain indicating that the body needs nutrition. There is very little valid evidence to support that these suppressants are beneficial. Supplements that promise to satisfy the appetite by creating a sensation of feeling full may not be reliable either. As with a "total cleanse" system the body is absorbed with fiber (or other similar ingredient) that create a bloated feeling. The system is cleansed, but left with very little nutrition to maintain optimum health.

True diet success is proper nutrition balanced with physical activity. Determination and discipline are a great plus. But, what I have found to be most beneficial is support from family and friends. Diet programs that offer support programs are very successful. Two of the most advertised programs are Jenny Craig, and Weight Watchers. There is some very basic difference between the two advocates.

Jenny Craig offers a weekly one-on- one secession with a diet counselor. The support representative is generally someone who has completed the Jenny Craig program with some success. You are receiving assistance from an associate who knows the challenges losing weight can bring. Jenny Craig offers a complete line of food developed for optimal success. You are asked to purchase these products in order to succeed. They are tasty, but are somewhat costly. In addition membership dues are required. These may vary depending on location. Jenny Craig is a very successful program.

Weight Watchers offers on-line support, in addition to group meetings. On-line support offers tempting recipes, shopping tips, eating out tips and most important point tracking. The on-line program is based on a monthly membership fee. It also allows you access to weekly meetings where additional support is added. Suggestions on creating meals, and dealing with difficult challenges are offered. Although Weight Watchers offers a large selection of frozen entrées, snack items and desserts you are not required to purchase these products. What they do offer is a lifestyle change. A goal that will teach healthful cooking, respectful snacking and proper activity levels.

No matter how you choose to diet your success is your goal. Research thoroughly the options and pick the one that best fits your needs, your goals, and your lifestyle. Most importantly, good luck.



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