Saturday, June 2, 2012

Feeding Your Garden


By know I hope you are seeing some benefits of your spring garden.  If not, don't fret. Not ever garden will mature at the same rate.   Even though I have crops producing that won't be the case in all regions.  You may just begin to see tiny blossoms sprouting up, or you might be picking plenty of  produce already.  So how can you boost up your gardens production?

First thing you need to do is utilize compost, but not more than your garden will truly appreciate.  Composting is becoming a mainstay in most gardens as the benefits become more obvious.  How often you compost will be dependent on your garden.  Adding compost after your fall harvest is depleted is a start.  Kneed the compost well into the garden. Water the soil well and cover the ground with cloth until you are ready to prepare for spring planting.  Adding another round of compost just before spring gardening will give the seedling a boost.  I like to add a boost of compost once my plants being to flower to help promote a better harvest.

If you don't have the means to develop a compost there are many other economical ideas that will also promote a safer environment.  Coffee and coffee grounds are one of my favorite.  I like to use coffee grounds not only on the garden but in the pots of my indoor plants. Coffee grounds are particularly practical for a container garden.  Brewed coffee diluted with water by 50% is a good alternative to use on a monthly basis.  For an extra added boost add some fresh brewed green tea to the diluted coffee. The added potassium will help promote healthier soil. You want to make sure you never fertilize with flavored coffee beans.  You will find yourself attracting a hoard of fruit flies.

Beer and Soda are beneficial fertilizer in small portions.  Microbes are very good at converting carbohydrates into sustainable nourishment for plants.  I personally have never tried this option.  I have a few friends who believe it is the best additive to increase crops.  Be sure to use regular beer and avoid the lite ones.  Again, use this sparingly. Fruit flies seem to enjoy the intoxicating effect of beer too.


There are a few other tips that are not as effective, but do work when you are in a bind.  If you don't have the means to maintain a compost simply add your grass clipping to the garden and mix well.  This is a direct method that is beneficial. It will however take longer to achieve benefits.  Fall leaves are also good for direct composting.

Dish soap (not detergent) diluted by adding 1 tablespoon to 2 cups of water can be added.  Be sure to use only in the early morning.  Be careful NOT to get any of the solution on the plants or the leaves will burn.

If you are in the marketed area Sea Weed is full of nutrients that are a great additive to soil  Avoid buying anything marketed.  The value has more than likely been depleted.

Two things to always remember when feeding a vegetable garden 1) Do not over due it and 2)  Listen to your crops. They know best.  If you have any doubts about the health of you soil be sure to have it tested.  Many agricultural centers will offer this service for free.

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