Saturday, June 9, 2012

A True Story

Water bugs are just uninvited guests 
It seems all of the wet weather in my region has manifested the insects as well as the weeds. I don't know what you call these things but I call them cock roaches on steroids.  They are large and hide out anywhere they won't be found.  These intruders can range up to 4" long.

American, or Oriental Cock Roaches, are also referred to as "water bugs". They acquired the nick name because of they tend to invade themselves into your surrounding through drains and small openings in dark cracks.  Like all roaches they multiply quickly and pop out whenever you don't expect them.  Having small animals indoors I wanted to find a resolution that was suitable to my environment.  One that didn't require the use of harmful chemicals and would be economically reasonable.

The solution to controlling these unpleasant critters is three step.  First, make sure all drains are left shut off.  In my home there is one half bath in the very front that rarely gets used.  This is the perfect dwelling  for roaches. It is dark and seldom disturbed.  Second, do not leave sustainable food available for any insects survival.  If necessary refrain from utilizing dishwashers for a period of time.  They become a double whammy when roaches slither their way through the drain attracted by dirty dishes.  Extreme I know, but so are these pests.

 Last I recommend a solution that has been very effective for me.  In the picture above (I apologize if it appears too graphic) I have placed bowls through out my home where roaches may tend to wonder.  I am careful to set them in areas where my pets will not bother them.  Use a solution that is 1 tablespoon of Borax detergent, and 1 teaspoon of dish soap in a cup of water.  I have most success using a dish soap scented with a fruit or flower essence.  It attracts the insects quickly.  Since these water bugs are always searching for a new source of water they are drawn by instinct to the dish.  Once intrigued by the potion the Borax quickly crystallizes in the bugs system rendering it helpless.  You can see it does the job well.

Other precautions that were necessary included clearing the wood pile to destroy any nests.  It is also helpful to place a layer of baking soda in areas you may find susceptible to infestation.  For example a dark closet rarely visited.

As an added bonus the scented bowls also attract fruit flies, mosquitoes and house flies.  Even small sugar ants find the solution attractive.  So if you are under invasion by these unattractive creatures why not give this solution a try. You've got nothing to loose except a few uninvited guests.

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