Saturday, June 16, 2012

Tips to Becoming a Good Cook

Ever wondered why some people just seem to have a niche for creating meals that get raves every time?  You probably think they must have some magical trick or secret talent.  It doesn't take extraordinary power, or fancy ingredients to be a good cook.  What it does take you've probably already got or you wouldn't be here reading this.  After all, you can't really burn water. Come on it's water!

The first ingredient to becoming a good cook is desire.  If you find cooking nothing but a chore that is precisly what it will always be.  I prefer to consider cooking a creative outlet that allows me to showcase my inventive side.

Second is patience.  Even the most praised chefs have had blunders along the way.  That is whey they are celebrated.  Blunders are the experience of trial and error that formulate some of the most beloved recipes.  Never be afraid to make mistakes.

Listen to your mother!  I learned my cooking strategy by watching my mother and grandmother.  I use a lot of the same techniques that I learned growing up.  They worked for mom, they'll work for me.

No recipe is ever carved in stone.  Only you know what tastes good to you.  It's not necessary to measure every ingredient precisely.  If  the dish could use another dash of spice just add it. Don't be afraid to dress up any recipe if an alternative will work better.  Chances are you will improve on the meal and your family will thank you.

Always be open to trying something new.  Some of the most tasteful creations are derived simply by throwing together whats available in the kitchen pantry. It may not come out exactly as perceived the first time, so just give it another try.  On the other hand you could have a dish your family will brag about.

Nothing is impossible.  No matter how difficult something may appear it's not out of reach.  I never thought I could accomplish the task of home made pie crust or noodles until I made up my mind I would.

It is not necessary to utilize the most expensive products to prepare an outstanding meal.  Try substituting skinned chicken thighs in place of chicken breast, or a more reasonable cut of beef instead of high dollar steak.  It won't alter the taste of the creation.

Re-create leftovers.  I get a kick out of turning leftover grilled meat into a whole new meal.  A lot of the recipes I have posted are just that.

Utilize a crock pot as much as possible.  Crock pots can actually do a lot of the cooking for you.  I like to throw some meat and spices in the crock pot before I leave for work.  It's juicy and tender by the time I get home.

Take advantage of cooking shows.  Some of the best tips you can get will come from watching people who have years of experience.  It's not important to become a great chef, but you can pick up some ideas that will help you develop strategies that work for you.

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