Saturday, June 9, 2012

That's a Lot of Love


  • This sweet girl passed away this week. Her name was Lupe and the man who gave her to us knew she had parvo and lied when he said she was okay. Rest in Peace baby girl.

     I want to start this with a direct quote from my daughters Facebook page above.  Somewhere along the years we unwittingly became animal rescuers.  I don't remember quite where it began all I know is it continued to build to something stronger than we could have imagined.  I start with Lupe because she happens to be the closest in mind at the moment. She came to us at seven weeks old.  We have a wide reputation for taking in unwanted animals so it was no surprise when a friend of my husbands "dropped" her off in the back of my his truck at work one day.  While we were waiting to receive her vaccination records from the previous owner she passed of Parvo a few weeks later.  We cried as we always do. There were so many who came before her in order of appearance.

    Blondie was found on the roadside living in an deserted shed with no care and no food.  She was infested with fleas and mangy.  Blondie was the dog who sat at the front door waiting on me to come home every night.  Once when  intruders tried to break in through a bedroom window while I was at work Blondie scared the unwelcome guests off.  She was with me for twelve years before she passed.  Even though she has been gone a while now I still miss her every day.


    Bootsie came to us as a gift.  He was given to my daughter at six weeks old by her father who found him roaming the property he worked on.  From day one he was the sweetest boy.  Full of tender hugs.  He stuck by my daughter every day never leaving her side when she was home.  He lay beside her while she did homework and sleep by her pillow every night. He was 13 years old when he passed.  It was the most heart breaking news I ever had to give my daughter.


    Mittens, affectionately nick named Mitti, was so tagged for her snow paws.  She has five little nubs to wrap around a finger when she wants to hold on.  She appeared on my patio in the middle of a December snow storm.  She walked into my apartment and hasn't walked away in nine years.  Female cats are not known for being overly affectionate but this little girl is.  She's a little gray tabby with the best hugs imaginable.

    Sammi was quite a little surprise.  He is first of many donations our neighbors contributed to our family.  A Siamese mix with turquoise eyes he was full of curiosity.  Never afraid of anything he kept me smiling.  No one was ever able to tell me just how old Sammi was.  I'm not sure I'll ever accept the fact that he went so quickly.  One day he was playing as always and I woke the next morning to find he had passed.  He was so beautiful.


    Meijah is a shelter rescue.  My husband took the girls and picked her up and brought her home one day.  She is an Alaskan Shepherd mix with a beautiful physic. She is strong, well lined and fiercely protective. One day while my husband and I were at work an insurance adjuster though he would "tour" my residence without informing me he intended to do so.  Meijah had other plans.  She wouldn't let him near the door.  Good girl!


    Cowboy is a Shiatsu breed that I find to be the most amazing rescue story.  Although we did take him in we did not rescue him.  Our neighbor, who was a mail carrier, found this little guy wondering the streets alone in the middle of winter.  He began to feed the pup when he realized no one was taking care of him.  Eventually Cowboy trusted our neighbor to bring him home.  There was no way I could refuse that darling little face when he was brought to us.  This is "my boy" all the way.  I'll never know how long he lived on the streets.


    Sebastian is a yellow tabby.  I do believe he is one of the most affectionate cats I've had.  His care giver had passed away and no one else would take him in.  Again, our neighbor brought him straight to us. I'll never regret the day this handsome man came around.  He is at my side when I can get him to stay still long enough.


    Conchita and Bonita are two Cockatiels that keep life chirping.  Conchito was lift in an abandoned apartment.  Instead of calling the pound I offered to bring him home to see if the owner would how up to claim him.  The owner never showed up.  He has been with us for six years now.
    Bonita was listed on Craigs List as an endangered bird.  She either had to find a home or she was going to be given to the pound. She seemed like a perfect companion for Conchita

    Nikey/Blue Boy/Polly/Molly

    And our four little parakeets who never keep quiet!  Nike(dark blue) was a gift to my husband , Polly (green) and Molly (yellow) were rescued. Blue boy (light blue) was actually raised from a hatched egg.

    It has certainly been a venture.  Even the heartache of loss could not have stopped us.  To those who have gone before I know they are watching over us and playing happily.  Blondie, Bootsie, Sammi and Lupi are all together now probably pestering each other.  To my husband I want to say this.  Don't give up.  Every time we loose a member of the family it's a pain that doesn't go away.  Even though Lupi was here for such a short time she left this earth knowing she was loved.  That was our gift to her.  That is our gift to all who will come after her.


  1. Thank you. It's always nice to know there are a lot of animal lovers out there. Wish I had room for every pet stuck in a shelter!

  2. Condolences...So sad about your Lupe...all your pets have been blessed to have been welcomed by you