Saturday, November 3, 2012

Saving on your Holiday budget

Like most people I love the holidays. I'll probably go over my budget like I typically do.  So anytime I can find a way to cut the stressful expenses I put them to good use.  If you are a big fan of gardening than I'm sure you've been saving some of those fresh goodies to set the holiday table with.  Let's see just how much I can save using my crops to prepare my feast.

Green Beans for Casserole
Five pounds of harvested potatoes for the mashed potatoes $2.39 per five pound bag
Four cups of fresh green beans for the Green Bean Casserole $1.59 for two cans
Four pounds of crispy white onions for various dishes  $79/lb = $3.16
One pound of green onions for Rice and Broccoli Casserole $1.19 per bunch
Six pounds of beautiful sweet potatoes for Sweet Potato Casserole at $.59/lb=$2.36
Three green peppers for a vegi tray and various dishes at $1.00 each = $3.00
Two pounds of ripe and sweet tomatoes for salad at 1.99/lb = $3.98
One bunch of Carrots for salad and vegi tray $1.49 per bunch
Basil, Rosemary, Cilantro and Sage for seasonings estimated savings on total herbs $2.50

Have I got any ones attention yet? So far that's a savings of $21.66 (not including tax).  That's enough of a savings to swap up the rest of a festive meal.  Let's keep going.

This Pumpkin will make a great pie
If you use that fall pumpkin to make your own treats you can save even more.  I bought two pumpkins the day of Halloween for a whopping $.99 each.  I will get at least six pint jars out of each one.  At least one forth of those will become a tasty pumpkin butter for biscuits and toast.  That's $.17 per jar.  Two of these will be used to make Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin Roll and Pumpkin bread (we do like our pumpkin).  At $1.19 per can that's a savings of $2.04.

Fresh Rosemary adds great flavor

It's easy to see where I've saved over $23.00 on one holiday dinner by simply growing my own vegetables and herbs.  That's only one Thanksgiving meal.  I double that savings when I apply the same strategy to my Christmas dinner.  I will use many of these same techniques to bake and cook up special dishes over the holiday.  I know I can save around $46.00 for a couple of cherrful gifts.  Beyond the savings I get the satisfaction of know that the holiday setting will be even better with my own grown products.

Don't forget the neighbors either.  If you have an excess of crops be kind and spread the goodness around.  Maybe your neighbor had a hearty year too.  Advertise in your neighborhoods news letter for a good old fashioned country trade off.  You may just find a new special addition to the table you hadn't expected.  HAPPY EATS and SPLENDID SAVINGS!


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