Sunday, October 21, 2012

What's in Your Garden?

Chili Pequin

Every year I find myself believing it's a lot more productive to garden in fall than in Summer.  I can battle the 40 degree evening temperatures easier than the 100+ degree sizzling summer days.  Maybe I'm just fortunate enough to live in an area that will keep my garden producing well into fall. 

Chili Pequin
Chili Pequin is a small pepper.  I posted pictures of these last spring when they began producing.  They phased out over summer and now as you can see they are back and they are not about to let up.  The jewel of these little pepers is they are great in sauces.  I love crushing them with garlic and adding them to the crock pot when I cook meats.  They start out a nice green pepper.  When they turn red they are ready to harvest.  They don't die out over winter either.  They keep coming back year after year.  Those little red peppers are great for planting new crops.

Green Peppers

Aw Green Peppers.  If you are an avid cook you can never have too may of these.  I add them to everything from homemade salsa to soups and grilled meats.  One of my favorite combinations for cooking is sauted green peppers and garlic.  These things are now where near showing any signs of giving up.  One of the really nice things about peppers is the fact that they freeze nicely so you can pull them out and cut them up when ever you need them.  I find they dice so much better when they are frozen.

I can't wait to dig these potatoes up.  My thanksgiving table will be so much better with a bowl of fresh home grown mashed potatoes.  I have four plants which are close to being ready for harvesting.  A few more weeks and I will have a pretty little crop to make my favorite dishes like Potato and Sausage Chowder so much tastier.  If you have never had the please of experiencing home grown potatoes you would enjoy how much fresher they tatse.

I know my garden would never be complete without plenty of Jalepen Peppers.  I can them, I pickle them,  I cook just about everything with them including home made salsa.   I always make sure I have a bag full in the freezer for quick access.  These peppers will keep and freeze so well they can last up to six months.   I love to use them in some of my best recipes including Home Made Relish for Chili Cheese Dogs which my husband is constantly complementing me on.

TIP:  Don't forget to save some of those seeds you scrape out of the shell of any pepper.  They are exactly what you need to have a good start on next Spring's crops. 

Green Beans
I am so thrilled that this Fall's green bean crops are so much more productive than the spring was.  I love fresh green beans.  Store bought won't even com close to these crispy and tasty vegetables.  Not only do I have the pleasure of picking new green beans every day the pretty little blossoms are continuing to popping up.  Right next to my mashed potatoes on the Thanksgiving table will be a Green Bean Casserole made of crops picked from my own back yard.  AHHHH.  Does it get much better?

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